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The MMJ Dispensary Software and More: Five Things Your CBD Business Needs To Consider
November 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by C-Trax
The MMJ Dispensary Software and More: Five Things Your CBD Business Needs To Consider

It’s one of the fastest-growing, yet most controversial businesses in the country.

It offers lucrative opportunities, yet also poses great challenges for entrepreneurs.

Many states have opened their doors, at least in part, to cannabis and hemp products. Whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, aspiring and established businesses both have myriad opportunities for growth and profit to explore in areas where these products are legal.

Yet selling cannabis and hemp presents a greater number of potential issues than selling more traditional products, like hardware or toys. These special problems, combined with ever changing government regulations, can make running a business that sells cannabis or hemp seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, CannaTrax can help, providing software and other resources that help you to run and keep track of your business so you can concentrate on core functions.

What Our Clients Face

Most aspiring to retail in the cannabis and hemp markets are small businesses. Some start up with the exclusive goal of offering cannabis- and hemp-related products. Other businesses may have sold other goods and services for years, but see cannabis as a way to diversify their operation.

Because cannabis involves a number of unique taxes, regulations, and other issues, our clients often feel overwhelmed and distracted from the normal running of their business. CannaTrax’s products and services help to balance the load by taking care of business administration issues for you.

How CannaTrax Can Help

At CannaTrax, we know the emerging cannabis and hemp industries. Our team has spent years researching and implementing solutions and enhanced efficiencies for cannabis and hemp businesses. We understand how to maximize customer service while at the same time helping you to administrate the cannabis and hemp aspects of your business.

Retail Consulting

One area in which our clients often need advice is the setting up of their store, or the section of their store that will feature products made of cannabis and hemp.

Product placement and store or area design is both an art and a science. Our work with other clients has proven that our methods of placement and design maximize customer traffic into and through your store to the products that you want to feature.

The wide variety of cannabis and hemp products also presents a unique challenge. Unlike many other fields, the products and brands do not come with long established reputations for quality.

Let us help you sift through the products to find what will suit your market, and local laws, best.

Accounting, Reporting, and Analysis

Our exclusive CannaTrax software systems provide the first and the only point of sale system specifically designed for cannabis that tracks products and sales from beginning to end.

Also, dashboards specifically designed for your business allow you to track sales, inventory, and other key elements, even from your mobile phone. Our software creates reports and sorts through datasets to help you make important decisions and adjustments when needed.

We also feature:

• On-site installation

• Support from experienced staff

• Fast response to questions or concerns

• Comprehensive training on our products and services

• Scheduling designed for the convenience of your business

Best of all, our fees rank lower than the industry average. When you sign up for additional services, you will be entitled to more special discounts.

Reach Out Today

Learn more about how CannaTrax can bring efficiencies and expert knowledge to help make your cannabis enterprise a success. Call or message us today. Our staff have significant experience and can explain in more detail how our products have helped our clients in the past and your business going forward.

Don’t get overwhelmed by administrative and marketing issues. Let CannaTrax help today.