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Introduction to C-trax
February 15, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by C-Trax

The cannabis and hemp industries may be centuries old, but both have encountered the same problem today. While the market for cannabis, and hemp to a lesser extent, has flourished over the past century, the industries have not developed modern techniques. Many people have made a lot of money in the illegal trade, but methods of mastering the black market do not apply to breaking into legitimate cannabis commerce.

Cannatrax will help those seeking to start a business in the newly emerging legal cannabis markets across the country. Our merchant services and cannabis industry software provide you with modern payment and processing software and technology, giving you a competitive advantage.

Our Mission Is You

We have supported legalization across the country for years and are excited to see the industry grow. For that reason, we work diligently to help as many “cannapreneurs” establish safe, legitimate, and legal businesses that serve customers efficiently and turn strong profits. Cannatrax can help make your business dreams a reality.

What Is Cannatrax?

Cannatrax manages your payment processing and your customer service base with the fastest and most reliable point of sale (POS) service available. No other cannabis industry software exceeds what Cannatrax can do. POS devices, used for years in restaurants and retail outlets, enable quick processing of transactions, including credit and debit cards. It connects directly to our proprietary Cannapay payment service.

Our system will also harvest and help you to categorize important data on your customer base to help with marketing and other business planning. Cannatrax can help you create a database of customer information that can target the buying history of individuals or groups, which is essential in 21st-century marketing.

The Cannatrax system can adapt to serve any business, no matter how big or how small. Our software can connect multiple locations in a chain together in the cloud so information gets shared in real time. This gives agility and flexibility to your operation, enabling you to move product to the points where you need it most to satisfy customer demand and build a reliable reputation.

Cannatrax Provides Results

Our POS system outperforms other similar products, and it's still a cost-effective choice. With legalization new to much of the United States, businesses need all the help possible to get off the ground and start turning profits. We offer useful perquisites, such as:

  • We charge low rates for dispensaries and delivery
  • Our setup fees are also lower than the industry average
  • We charge no monthly fees and require no reserves
  • Card readers are free
  • We charge no cancellation fees so you assume no risk for trying Cannatrax
  • Our system and support team can help your business navigate the tricky field of regulatory compliance

We offer all of these services and more to make sure that your cannabis or hemp business has every opportunity to thrive. Check out Cannatrax today to discover how our cannabis industry software can help your cannabusiness thrive.

Reach Out Today

Contact us today to learn more about how Cannatrax can boost your cannabis or hemp business. Call us at (704) 414-6611 or send an email to Our professional and expert staff can answer any questions about Cannatrax, Cannapay, or other services.

Don’t try to break into a brand new industry without the most modern cannabis industry service and sales software. Contact Cannatrax today to get started.