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We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that you not only have a Point of Sale, but that you are utilizing it efficently and maximizing its capa

Installation, Training & Support 

We will ensure that running your CBD business doesnt run your life.

 Let us do all the heavy lifting. Need Inventory Management, Employee management, Point of Sale and Customer Contact Managememnt all under one login!

The best end to end solution in the Hemp Industry
Manage your Staff, customers, Inventory, and Sales all in one place
With our Admin Portal, you can manage customers, inventory, suppliers, staff schedules and more! Our robust reporting features will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business from anywhere with an internet connection.
How it Works
C-Trax Merchant Services

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    Increase Sales Revenue

    Our retail clients can use data provided by the store card to help develop marketing campaigns and increase sales.

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    Cashless Solution

    Reduce cash and the challenges it presents.

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    Lower Transaction Fees

    Our fees are lower than the industry average. We also offer discounts when you use our other services. It’s a win win!

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What you get
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    1. Vertical Integration Consulting

    Take the guesswork out of starting your retail store!

    Your an expert in cultivation, but taking your product to market in a retail enviroment is a first for you. 

    Lets us Help

    C-Trax can consult with you on store design, product placement and sourcing as well as integrating C-Trax software integrations throughtout your vertical.

  • 2. Data Analytics Consulting:
    2. Data Analytics Consulting:

    So, you've collected all of this data, now what?

    Our experts can help you create action items from your collected data points to drive your business. We take your customer data and unlock your ability to grow revenue from your existing base

Installation, Training & Support

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