5 Challenges A Great Dispensary POS Software Will Solve

With 22 states legalizing the use of medical marijuana and eight legalizing recreational use, the industry is set to take off. Although using cannabis is already more socially acceptable, there are several things that dispensary owners use to streamline their operations. One big tool dispensaries use to streamline their operations is cannabis dispensary point-of-sale (POS) software. There are unique challenges that come with this software, and we’ll outline them below. 

Tracking Patient Types 

Many dispensaries apply for both an adult-use and medical business license. If you have both, the law requires you to keep track of each patient type, and your dispensary pos software has to have the correct categories. Ideally, the software should have adult-use, medical with recommendation, and medical with a state card. Each category has different tax rates, and it can be challenging to get software set these patient types. 

Identification Verification System 

Before any states legalized recreational cannabis, every customer that came through a dispensary had to provide a valid ID with a medical recommendation. Today, your software has to be able to identify different types of ID and medical documentation, and it should be able to automate this process to allow you to scan the back of a person’s drivers license before autofiling it. Having software that can be extremely quick and accurate is challenging. 

Integrating a Metric System 

In other parts of the world, the metric system is the dominant system in place for counting items. The United States uses the older Imperial measuring system, but dispensaries measure out their products using the metric system. It’s more convenient to count out grams, and you can get precision accuracy. Finding an MMJ software system that can switch back and forth between the metric and imperial system and learning how to use it can be problematic. 

Managing Your Inventory 

There are always new strains coming out, and people expect you to stock them if they get popular. This can result in a lot of strain on your system if you’re constantly adding new or more products in and removing old ones. You should choose MMJ software that has a clean user interface that allows you to switch out products in a relatively quick and easy manner. It should also allow you to store inventory in the event that it comes back into popularity again. 

Violating Rules and Regulations 

The cannabis industry is extremely regulated, and not having MMJ software that can withstand constant updates, changes, improvements, and patches can be disastrous. Should your system go down or fail, it can cause you to violate state regulations and rules. If this happens, it can cause you to lose your dispensary license. The challenge is finding software robust and precise enough to handle the unique operations that come with a dispensary. It’s possible, but it takes time. 

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